Saluthello 3 day ban appeal

  • Byond Account:saluthello
  • Character Name(s):jacqueline ironmonger
  • Discord Name (ie: Name#1234):
  • Round ID of Ban:13162
  • Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):
  • State your appeal:The ban has already expired, but i do not agree with the ban i have removed 3 people this round, 2 were my targets one was a warden cause i needed the mindshield acces/sec identity cause the HOS was in the brig constantly, this is very hard objective to do.
    My objective was to take identity of the HOS, i have a lot of experience in sec, and i could recognize people like roscoe i knew instantly that i’d need a proper cover, everyone trusts a mindshielded sec staff, obviously wouldn’t work if they saw the mindshielded body laying around.
    ( i ended up not needing it anyway because the hos went to maints alone with some centcomm official…)
    Anyway two witnesses came up to my ling room, i’ve let the one go roleplayed he still snitched on me later so whatever, but then another one came up straight to me it was sore yew with a shotgun, i didn’t know her intentions, but i could see her coming straight to my room on purpose with evolved x-ray eyes, didn’t know what she wanted, like was she looking for me on purpose with thermals or something? i don’t know i’ve left her alone in a pod about 1 min before shuttle arrival so she wouldn’t go back there.

I have refrained from killing unnecessarily, i was stealthy the entire time i kept the hos identity i have communicated with sec, i believe the ban was unfair.
I believe killing one warden would be better than risking it and going all out paramedic vs hos in the brig or some hallway where everyone would jump to hos defense and lead to more deaths anyway.
Ahelped it mid absorbing, shouldva done it sooner, my bad but masked assistant coming with a shotgun straight to me when im dealing with my last target was unfair treatment, leaving someone in a pod 1 minute before shuttle is better than killing someone and i couldva done it going by acceptable antag rules.

The ban is expired so an appeal is unnecessary. If you want something done about this, it’ll have to be a staff report.