Sammael Macdougal - Metagrudging me as a Changeling

Byond Account: johnwillard

Character Name(s): John Willard

Discord Name: John Willard#6211

Round ID: (idk first round, it was yesterday and ended around 7:59 PM), second round ID 11709

Griefer Byond account: MentalDecayed

Griefer Byond name: Sammael Macdougal

What happened:
Sammael Macdougal for the past few days has been metagrudging me, targetting me outside his objectives with things that arent considered rule breaking, with the sole intention to ruin my rounds.
In the ling round yesterday, he transformation stung everyone into me, then when I got Security to arrest them, he yelled, calling me a validhunter and that he committed no crimes to get arrested.
In the second round (the ID 11709), he transforamtion stung me and several others into felinids. On several occasions throughout the hour-long round, I saw him following me around and chasing me to transformation sting me. He finally managed to catch up to me after almost an hour while I was fixing an explosion in medbay. I instantly noticed I was transformation stung and since I was all alone with him because we were in a depressurized room as I was fixing a hull breach, I knew for a fact it was him. I arrested him and brought him to the brig, telling Security what had happened.
From him being arrested to him being taken away from the Captain, he yelled non stop about how I was ‘validhunting’ and using other OOC terms to describe what I was doing, while also calling me ‘mad’ about being a catboy. I wasnt part of his objectives either, he went out of his way to not bother with the team ling objective to instead look for me to turn me and several others into a felinid for the sole purpose of ruining my round and to call me a “Salty boy”, as he said over the discord.

edit: if this helps, he also said this after the first round (I never attacked him and did nothing but wait for 100% evidence he was a changeling and called sec to arrest him)

that’s arbitrary evidence at best. i was turning everyone into a catboy. you just angry because you got cat ears too. you’re the only person who actually retaliated against me.

You admitted yourself in the round that you were doing it to “people that don’t like felinids”, using metaknowledge to know who likes and dislikes them.

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knowing the personalities of your fellow spessmen isn’t meta as far as i know

Purposely targeting them despite being out of your objectives due to noting but their personality and your opinion of them?

Either way, its not good to target people for no reason, if they aren’t your target why do you have to focus on them?

I like to think if something takes longer than 10 mins to fix, its just fuckin griefing.

This has been taken care of.