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There is a Required Experiment that is titled ‘Wild Biomatter Mutation Sample’. It states, “Due to a number of reasons, (Solar Rays, a diet consisting only of unstable mutagen, entropy) plants with lower levels of instability may occasionally mutate upon harvest. Scan one of these samples for us.”

From what I was taught during one shift, Botany will often do this experiment on their own because they know it will allow them to get advanced botany tools unlocked via research. You / Botany person will take said mutated plant and drop it onto the floor of the Experimental Destructive Scanner (found in front of Science). You will then click on the appropriate correlating experiment, the scanner will do its thing, and then should say, “Findings have been complete, blah blah blah”. I was first shown this was possible with a blue space pumpkin, the next time, a Golden Apple.

Well, the last shift I was on, Botany grew golden apples and I could NOT get it to work. the scanner kept telling me, “No findings”.

Thoughts anyone? Expertise?

It’s driving me bonkers…

Thank you!

It’s gotta be a recently mutated produce
So a golden apple from a normal apple tree will work fine, but a golden apple from a golden apple tree won’t work

Ohhhh, this makes sense. Thank you!!

Adding onto this, easiest way to complete this in my experience has been Chili since they have so many different types of mutations and seems to like spitting them out

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Perfect, thank you!