Scientist malds so hard he metagrudges his past life before EORG (Wholesome story)

Byond Account: OperativeLyn
Character Name(s): April Beedell
Discord Name: OperativeLyn#1628
Round ID: 20366
Date: 5/23/2022 or 23/5/2022 for the eurochads
Griefer IC name: Skyler Ackerly
Griefer Byond account (if known): Fascist Leader (Yikes)

What happened:
It all started when I heard welding noises outside of sec, I asked the AI if someone was breaking in from space, they said yes, so I grabbed a MODsuit and chased them down, I got them at the end, but there was no power in sec, so I didn’t set a timer. He was released in around 9 minutes, he was very mad about the lack of a timer.
Then when the shuttle docks, I hear an esword, I get the traitor, and ask command if I can execute them, they say yes (Side note: There were several beheaded bodies next to the traitor, and he admitted to not even taking the murder objective, so I could grief patrol them too). I started hitting them, but “Fascist Leader” kept shoving me, making impossible the execution (This was all in the command cockpit too, smh, if only command actually killed trespassers), I ended up executing both of them for accessory, and as soon as he died (before EORG) he rushed a golem shell and started punching me. Not very cool…


Dealt with, thanks.