Scotty Wiley, officer executing syndie prisoners without caps auth

Byond Account: Sheets
Character Name(s): Mud
Discord Name: Sheets#6667
Round ID: 13808
Griefer Byond account:
Griefer Byond name: Scotty Wiley
What happened:

Long story short, Scotty killed Zed without captains auth after being found with traitor gear and trying to kill me (the sci deputy) with shock plants. I was returning an engineering hardsuit that a scientist (appleseed) had to engi when I saw Zed wearing a carp hardsuit with a harpoon gun on his back, after pointing at him, he ran and dropped some jupiter caps that shock you when you stand on them. After catching zed i brought him to the holding cell, tried to make conversation and he said nothing, then started complaining about how a deputy arrested them for wearing a full syndie kit outside their department. I try ask the captain to come to sec to help deal with him (my plan was to implant and free him) but cap was busy arguing on comms with the rest of command. Scotty then comes up and starts beating zed to death with a crowbar, i stun and cuff him then drag him away to speak with him then uncuff him, a radstorm comes and we go to maints where I finally give up trying to help him after he insults me for filling in for the lack of officers by arresting him in halls (I think we only had the one, scotty) and leave him to scotty to handle. I’m assuming he killed zed because I saw his ghost at roundend, not a word from cap on sec comms. If it were highpop and we were staffed better i wouldnt have gone and arrested him but since we had no hos, warden, one dep, brig med and officer in sec, that i hadnt heard a word from or seen a warrant get put out all round, i did. then after the round I get some constructive criticism from zed on deputies.

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I’d like to add, I was also playing a character that about 4 people I know, know who I am, and having a mentor use their perms to check your ckey to harass me ooc is awfully uncharacteristic.

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Mentors can’t check people’s ckeys willynilly, they only see it if you mhelp. We used to be able to see them if we had mentorpm but not anymore, chances are, they just knew who you were.


scotty willey has executed without permission before and has executed people without any evidence against them or without the person being deemed HEOTC

Thanks, i just thought he did this coz john did the same thing.

Don’t have forum perms yet, but dealt with, thanks for the report. :slight_smile: