Scotty Willey mutinies as a sec officer

Byond Account: MentalCow
Character Name(s): Danny Boy
Discord Name: Mental#6402
Round ID: 16014
Griefer Byond account: ?
Griefer Byond name: Scotty Willey
What happened:

I was HOS this shift and i ordered Scotty Willey (a sec officer) to gulag someone for repeated cases of assault, then a lawyer comes over and demands that there should be a trial, i refuse their demand but they insisted over and over again. Because this lawyer was annoying all shift and stole from the sec lockers earlier in the shift, i demote him. Once im about to demote the lawyer, Scotty stuns me and attempts to arrest me for “being a rogue Sec”. I eventually manage to arrest and demote Scotty but later on in the shift he then returns to brig entrance and encites a riot of 5-7 people against me for demoting him and the lawyer. He tried to encite a riot earlier in the shift (when he was still a sec officer) against the QM aswell for reasons im not sure.

Am still working on the lawyer right now. I will be handling both.

Edit, it’s been handled.

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