Sec arrests me for taking tools out near bridge doors for "B&E"

Byond Account: GrassyLands
Character Name(s): Ronald Todd
Discord Name: thesky#5019
Round ID: 12304
Griefer Byond account: dunno
Griefer Byond name: Kosaki
What happened:

Title kinda says it all; I go near the bridge while rearranging my inventory, somehow a seccie is nearby and sees me near the bridge door and I walk like suspiciously near it or something while putting my wirecutters in a box.
They give chase, arrest for “B&E” when the crime didn’t even happen. Thing leads to another thing, get permaed for having hand tele in the bag, yada yada, tator round gone, stuff like that. Didn’t even need anything in the bridge, ironically.
So TLDR: Crime didn’t happen yet I got arrested.

Hello. After reviewing my actions you are right I did falsely detain you, I should have waited until you actually broke into the bridge before arresting you. Please review the video from my end to understand why I would do the actions I did. vlc-record-2021-01-23-09h02m17s-Desktop 2021.01.23 -

Yeah I mean, I guess I get it, because there have been break ins into bridge in the past, would be suspicious and such, whatever. Still sucks that I got arrested like that.
Probably shoulda asked “What’re you doing” instead of instantly going for the arrest honestly, but what do I know, I only play detective. At that point I wasn’t really focusing on the game anyways.
On a side note, should have lexorin syringed you as soon as you entered medbay. Woulda been a cool hijack if I pulled it off with Roy and Tela.

just make sure you’re arresting people who commit crimes first.