Sec Ban Eduardo Scheter

Byond Account: Silver Dragon 47
Character Name(s): Eduardo Scherer
Discord Name Silverdragon (7347)
Round ID of Ban: 12030
Ban Message ( The ban reason is: round id 12030 core-2) grief/self antag. as a security guard, used an excessive amount of lethals on the engineering department. trying to subdue an initial scuffle that has turned deadly is understandable but left and went back at least once to fire more guns at people. please try to find a way to settle disputes non lethally, unless confirmed antag. this incident was reported on the fulp forums.''## )

State your appeal: This hapened few days ago, 3 engis were fighting a sec officer i went in and lost/used up all my non-lethals( bolas, flashes etc) After they overpowered that sec and me I drawed my gun which i got from warden in case of /if i remember corectly dragon or something) and downed two of them. I never came back to engi after that i left to get medical atention since i were badly wounded and admin event came ,there can be only one’’ . Also they woud get medical atention if the event didnt started. I would like to dispute that ban. Cheers.

Boy this round was a mess with the midst of this shoot out highlander being triggered im going to appeal this since there was no way for you to go back for the dude you hard crit when everyone has claymores.