Sec Going Harmful

Byond Account:TigerBottle
Character Name(s):Rastus Russell
Discord Name:Belastia/Pugking (nickname: Tigerbottle on discord server.)
Round ID:16099
Griefer IC name: Jug Thunderson, Jed Joshek
Griefer Byond account (if known):Unknown for both

What happened: Frist thing that happen is i decided to eat some food at brig to cover it in puke since i am a flyperson only for The hos Jed Joshek to run out of brig firing his riot shotgun at me. He was able to hit me with almost three point blank shots causing me to go down well also doing about 60 points of damage in total. He arrested me for vandalism but let me go if I cleaned up the puke which i did since that’s how flypeople eat. After this i helped the Clown escape from Beepsky allowing them to hide in botany. After this i let the clown out which he slipped a sec officer causing him to drop his baton i did take the baton to stun him since it would have been funny but wasn’t able to hit him so i dropped the baton and hid in botany. Little bit later sec raided botany to arrest me to which i Jug was able to baton me and handcuff me only for the HOS to run into botany and shot me with Riot shot gun once again even when i was handcuff. They also hit Jug with a point blank shot. Jug Then took me to brig to process me. Only for him to break every Brig Procedures by first pulling me into the cell with out starting the timer, Stripping me naked, taking all my items and not putting them into the cell locker, forcing me into a female prison jump skirt, leaving me handcuffed to the bed and after leaving me in the cell still handcuff they finally started the timer and left my bag which was filled with all my clothes and items outside the cell. They left afterwards. Hos came in about 3 minutes later and finally removed my cuffs. When my timer was finally up there was no officer or anybody to lead my out of the brig or to tell me where my things were since you know they weren’t in my cell locker. After finally getting my things and trying to leave but couldn’t since no one let me out i watched the HOS use once again a riot shotgun filled with rubber shots against a clown that was clowning it up in the brig. After that i died from chaplain so nothing else to report on.

This was handled in round by CyoTheProtogen, if you really have an issue with it file a staff report instead. Admin shopping is against our rules.

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