Sec officer being too personal and killing me for no good reason

Byond Account: peepeepeeter

Character Name(s):Elly Watson

Discord Name:MoistChungus

Round ID:9672

Griefer Byond account:dont know

Griefer Byond name: April Howe (security officer)

What happened: it all started when i got bored and broke into a sec outpost, and got arrested by april, she then brigged me with no clothes, and took away my weapon when there were people yelling about zombies over comms, im sure as fuck not gonna leave brig without my weapon, so i picked my whip and circular saw up, and got arrested again, i tried taking back my weapons again, but got instantly perma’ed with no radio headset, and also told everyone that i was ling, in brig i was dying of disease, a borg came in, i asked him to help me out, and he said i was a ling, and left me behind to die, later on i came back to see myself spaced under, the labour shuttle

i know that this server is not as tight as paradise, or something like that, but that is no excuse to be a shitter, and i ahelped this with now admin response

Sorted this out, appears to be a bit of miscommunication as well as a relatively new sec player. Obviously you shouldn’t have been greytiding into places you shouldn’t have been, but I’ve left a note for the sec officer to follow standard brigging procedures and to follow space law in the future.