Sec officer cuffs me for no reason and takes me to room to "bait" me into revealing myself as ling

Byond Account: Madsenanders
Character Name: Johanner Zimmer
Discord Name: KK (not in your discord)
Round ID: 10616
Griefer Byond Name: Jacqueline Ironmonger

So I was a paramedic ling. Went to genetics for mutations. Jacqueline enters and demands to search my bag, flashes me and cuffs me and also punches me despite me complying and literally putting it on the floor. They find nothing so they remove the cuffs, then when I complain that they are skipping the queue for mutations they harmbaton me and cuff me. They then take me to a secluded room and say “You are my target time to feast” So I transform into monke since I am not the most experienced ling. They gib me and say “They got baited” afterwards.

Am I crazy or do shouldn’t you actually have a valid reason to arrest someone, not just to “bait” them? I got cuffed for no reason twice by them. Not to mention there was completely unnecessary harm done to me multiple times before they knew anything. And under blue alert you need a valid reason to search a bag, I had not comitted any crimes so I don’t think they even had a right to ask for that? Seems pretty meta too to tell lings “You are my target” in order to bait them into doing something that confirms them as a ling. How would the character know that IC?

Under the rule this breaks metagaming as far as I can tell
(1.7. Players’ knowledge of the game is not limited by their job. However, using knowledge of antags and round types without IC justification is considered metagaming.)
straight from the rules, IC how would you know that lings have targets?

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Sorted this out, thanks for the report