Sec Officer starts batoning other Security staff when asked to bag check crew

Byond Account: hazyassaulter
Character Name(s): Hazy Assaulter
Discord Name: HazyAssaulter#2813
Round ID: 14358
Griefer Byond account: Unknown
Griefer Byond name: Johnathan Kemble
What happened: Short and sweet, this was a 14 minute round with no admins online. I (HoS) asked Officers to bag check crew. Johnathan (officer) decides to start stunning other Security staff for bag checks. I ask him to stop or I’ll have to demote and brig him. He responds by stunning me. Round ended shortly after this.

I remembered another troubling detail about this round last night. I believe this same Sec officer was trying to suicide with the SM near the start of the round. Could be a different officer but there were only two and I don’t think it was the other one.

Taken care of- thanks!