Second Ban Appeal by TropicalRenegade

  1. Byond Account: TropicalRenegade/CoolRaptor
  2. Character Name(s): Lambda k or other randomized ones
  3. Discord Name :Tropical Renegade
  4. Round ID of Ban: 15407
    5.Ban Message
  5. State your appeal: Hello guys, this is my second appeal.I came back after more than 6 months of not playing ss13 since my last ban on fulp for not taking the game seriously(being a dick).Somehow after all this time i tried to join the server expecting to still be on the black list but to my surprise i got in like i wasnt banned at all.
    So i was on a middle of a normal round (not griefing and not being a dick) when Horatio sent me a pm saying me a was ban evading i was like what??I did nothing, so i replied that exact same thing to him…Less than 5 seconds later i m again at the black list but this time for something even morse serious than the last ban, Ban evading.
    So yeah, its a tough place to be in and i really dont have much to explain more than im sorry for the second time and that fulp is a great server i m missing out for my idiotic behaivour.
    Sorry, sorry, sorry ,sorry ,sorry, x1000.

Fulp is great and fun, yes.
I m missing out
I know i can stop being a fucktard, i can be better forgive me fulp
This time i m will be normal gonna behave by your standars.

End of appeal

Logging in with a new account after the original was banned is ban evading. However, it seems like you genuinely didn’t intend to do this, so I’m willing to accept this appeal and unban one of the above accounts. Which one do you intend to play on?

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Firstly i thank you a lot i really do, i m currently playing with CoolRaptor

You should be able to log in with the Coolraptor ckey, but the ban might still catch if I messed something up. Please let me (or another admin) know if you can’t log in.

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