Security moment

Byond Account:Cheiir
Character Name(s): Bryce Bologna
Discord Name: Cheir#1477
Round ID:19260
Griefer IC name: Dannium III
Griefer Byond account (if known):

What happened:
Botany just got blown up, harvested some deathnettle to keep me safe and kept it in hand, (reports were about a mime bombing it so there shouldnt have been botanist supicion) i went towards brig to report, saw Dannium III beating a wall with his baton so i decided to get near and he stunned me with it for no reason and i think he also beat me a little but im not sure so to get revenge i threw a banana and then he stunned me again beat me with the baton to almost crit took my bag and went to brig

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forgot to mention it was a bluespace banana that tps*

I play as as Dannium. So at this time there were about 3 different confirmed traitors roaming the station with command and sec gear, i noticed that a maints door was hacked shut next to the holodeck area in Helio, Bryce walks up to me as im welding the wall next to it to investigate while he was holding some death nettle, i remember him earlier following me into maints asking if he can help me (i ignored him cause fuck validhunters) so i stunned him to confiscate the deathnettle to prevent him from validhunting, he then throws a bluespace banana peel at me which teleports me into the nearby hallway. Im 95% sure if you bluespace someone in that area (beneath the vault) it could teleport them into one of those pockets of space next to the vault with no way of getting out, killing them.
So i get mad and harmbaton him for almost potentially spacing me in an area thats a pain in the ass to retrieve my body. I take his plant bag away and then i leave cause i didn’t want to brig him since i already beat him, i admit that harmbatonning him probably wasn’t the best call but brig was a fucking mess at the time and i wanted to continue hunting the traitors that killed cap. Also i made sure not to crit him, just do severe bruising cause holy fucking shit i hate bluespace banana users.

I would also like to say that this grief patrol was posted DURING the round this all took place in

when i said help i meant that i had coffe beans that made you fast and never said or looked like i was able to go look for anyone in maints

and you could have just said to drop the nettle there was no need to stun

Few things to break down here:

Yes, you did get beaten, you were put to 14 HP. Not crit, but very close;

Though they only went lethal after you teleported them though, more on this later

Posession of a Weapon is considered a crime, so your arrest is valid in this case

Confiscating said stuff is also allowed under Space law, as weapons are used to commit future crimes (posession of weapons/assault of an officer via unwilling teleportation, are still future crimes)

Armed and Dangerous (like deathnettles) authorizes lethals to be used. It is hard to use non-lethals on someone who has the ability to teleport themselves and others.

Danny was well in their right to harmbaton you there, as you not only were armed and dangerous, but were actively using teleportation tricks on them, with potential to use it on yourself as well to evade arrest. They didn’t even crit you, either, so I’m leaving this as IC.

Also, just as a note, leave grief patrols until the end of the round to post. Additionally, please don’t DM staff to come online to deal with ahelps. We can see them on Discord so if we were able to get on to deal with it, we would’ve already.

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