Security officer refuses to hand over syndicate contraband, proceeds to use it on officers attempting to arrest him

Byond Account:
Character Name(s): Tina J. Kench
Discord Name: TechnoViking360
Round ID: 24219
Date: 23/01/2023
Griefer IC name: Christopher Treeby
Griefer Byond account (if known): unknown

What happened:
When ordered to return his syndicate contraband, Chris decided to give me (the HoS) the emag, and say he’s keeping the ebow. I told him he cannot keep the ebow, and he said he “earned it” through defeating and capturing 3 traitors. He then proceeded to run away when i demanded he hand it over, shoving me when i attempted to chase. He was talking trash in comms a lot about security, and still refused to give me the ebow when i cut a deal. We eventually caught him, in which he instantly went ssd, and we executed him for possession of syndicate contraband, assault of an officer with a weapon, breaking and entering restricted (he used the emag before giving it to me), and insubordination. We knew he would be a threat to everyone if we tried to perma or evac him, so that was the choice i made.

handled! thanks for the report