Security officer stuns me in situation I don't know if breaks the rules

Byond Account: boltonshead
Character Name(s): V.A.
Discord Name:BoltonsHead#7528
Round ID: 25082
Date: 22/03/2023
Griefer IC name: Richard Conway

What happened: Richard Conway arrested me unprompted in hallway and assumed I was a vamp based off of no evidence besides I wasn’t wearing an ID (which he didn’t say anything about, he just stunned me,) and didn’t say anything until he had already stripped me. I’ve talked to other mods who aren’t on at the moment, but they did say to Ahelp.

As stated in the SoP for blue alert: Crew members may be randomly searched.

You not having an ID and hiding your identity is reason enough for security to do a search on you.

Also you threatening the player with admin action by “I’m calling my mom right now. Your career is over” Is very much uncool and I hope you are not using that on regular.