Security shoots first then shoots later as well

Byond Account: Snootypip
Character Name(s): Pip
Discord Name: Beanslayer
Round ID: 22767
Griefer IC name: Elliot Powers
Griefer Byond account (if known): unknown

What happened: I was playing as a miner during a cult round trying to fight a boss when I was called out by the detective for being a cultist while on lavaland, that made no sense so I contacted a lawyer for help because I didnt want to be arrested for nothing, after finally killing the boss after many failed attempts I went back to the station where security tried to arrest me so I ran from them back to lavaland where I just sat around for a bit until i decided to head back up where I was just walking around minding my buissness the officer Elliot powers used lethal lasers to crit me and after yelling for help while down he started to beat me to death before the chef stepped in seeing this and tried to help me but was shot as well, luckily the captain came by and stopped the officer before i was killed and they cuffed me and took me to sec where i was given a 5 min sentence for running from arrest. Near death in my jail cell occationally falling over due to lack of blood I was let out by the captain and was healed up by a borg, but when i went back to sec to get my stuff elliot powers stunned me and dragged me into the labor shuttle where he stripped me and then was about to send me to the labor shuttle for acually nothing when the lawyer I originaly asked for help came by and bribed him 250 to let me go and he took it. What i think was done incorrectly here was being shot with lethals out of the blue with no warning by an officer for having the W symbole above my head and being beaten further to attempt to kill someone who was already in crit immobile instead of arresting, being left in a cell constantly falling into crit near death, and sending someone to the labor camp after they already served there sentence just because they felt like it. Then after this whole ordeal and finally being released with literaly nothing accept for my destroyed clothes because of the lasers I was left inthe halls to be constantly stunned by sergent armsky unable to move so I just ghosted.

Handled, thanks for reporting!! :)