Security siding with hostile Wizard

Byond Account: McOnchePonche

Character Name(s): Svetlana Andrei

Discord Name: Tristrian#5000

Round ID: 10224

Griefer Byond account: ???

Griefer Byond name: Danny Boy and others

What happened:

We had a Wizard this round. He had battle armor, Mjolnir, Magic shield and some thralls and construct with him. I warned security since I was detective about the wizard being armed. No one, except the AI, batted an eye about it.

Back to the brig, a sec officer let the wizard enter in the brig, and went to the HoS office. The Wizard started to murder the HoS in front of our eyes. I confirmed the hostility of the wizard, and when he left the office, some officers, including myself, started to shoot at the wizard. Eventually we died.

Now, there is one security officer that was still human, Danny Boy, and was siding with the wizard. To quote some examples of his phrases : “I want to see my boss getting executed”, “Wizard is friendly”. “Wizard is cool”. Despite watching the murder of his comrades. At one point, he also became a thrall after.

According to Pucci, the HoS also sided with the Wizard.

This doesn’t meet the MRP standard of Fulpstation and a waste of security role when we needed the HoS’ command to fight against antagonists.

So this was a bus round and had a bunch of different antags so I’mma tell that staff member to take over this.

This has now been handled, thanks for the report.