Self Antag Warden Assaults HoP

Byond Account: Dime1154

Character Name(s): AAUGH-GOD-FU-

Discord Name: [Uzbek]Dime#5226

Round ID: 10827

Griefer Byond account: Unknown

Griefer Byond name: Unknown

What happened: I was AAUGH-HELP-FU- The HoP. I was roleplaying as a fellow that only spoke like a dumbass and said akakakakkak. As people went through my line. Eventually the Warden comes by requesting Bridge access to be specific. I deny their request because we had an HoS and a Warden doesn’t need bridge access to do their job.

The Warden throughout the round requests the access to bridge more and more throughout the round. The Capitan even denying their request making the decision final. They begin to threaten me over radio and challenge me to a rage cage fight saying “That I’ll kill you” Or something along those lines. I didn’t participate because I’m a head and shouldn’t be killing myself. 4 minutes later I exit bridge and the Warden with a baseball bat makes a threat towards me. I shrug it off and begin to walk to my office them proceeding to hit me with that same baseball bat. I retaliate with my telibaton non-lethally but seeing as how this Warden was making an attempt on my life I pocket my baton and begin shooting lethals at him.

I had begun to shoot lethals assuming the Warden was more prepared than I for the fight because they have armory access, krav mega, a stun baton, flashes, cuffs, and pepper spray along with better armor due to their security status. They retaliate with a disabler then they finally go into crit. I didn’t want to kill them so I looted their bag, belt, and pockets. Took cuffs out of their bag then cuffed them. They weren’t gasping for air so I assumed they were still awake and could probably last long enough for me to demote them. I call to the HoS in command chat on radio saying the Warden assaulted me an I would be demoting him. Which I did and confiscated their security gear. The HoS comes and takes them to medical and I continue on with my round.

I’m reporting them because their actions were pretty self antagish for security personnel and uncalled for especially against a head. Sorry if this formating is off this is the first time I’ve written one of these things.

Sorted this out, thanks for the report!