Self antagger geneticist cucks me out of mime greentext

Byond Account: Yung_Foot_Lettuce

Character Name(s): Only Talks To Straight People (Cesar Fea as non mime)

Discord Name: Yung Foot Lettuce#2600

Round ID: 10057

Griefer Byond account:

Griefer Character name: Edgar Highlands

What happened:

So I was a mime and was working with a fellow mime as we were both traitors, both with advanced miming. We had previously killed my target, the psych, by PDAing them on a separate PDA while I hid in the cupboard and him in a plant in his office. We told him that we needed to talk and he came to his office. We popped out and had a chase around med, our finger guns blazing, we finally dropped him and injected him with his own H.A.R.S. mutator he tried to use on us in defense. We then locked his body in his own cupboard and left the scene. Later the murder was pinned on another traitor leaving us in the clear. I completed my other objective to steal the documents in the vault by using bluespace crystals to teleport in and out. I include this because in short I was proud of that round. I had made it to the shuttle and sat down and buckled in. While I was buckled a geneticist named Edgar Highlands walked up to me and injected my with spatial instability activator before I could unbuckle. He was not an antag nor had I interacted with him at all during the round. Since another traitor on the shuttle had me as a target their holoparasite was targeting me as well, and I ended up in softcrit on the shuttle. Because of the spatial instability that Edgar Highlands injected in me I was teleported into space outside the shuttle and suffocated into hardcrit before I could recover from softcrit. I died and the shuttle left leaving me with no greentext. In short, I wanted that greentext but a self antagger cucked me.

pls ban he

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It has been taken care of. Thanks again for reporting it and stay safe.

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