Self-antagging pose

Byond Account: BarrelOfNapkins

Character Name(s): Matthew Thomlinson

Discord Name: BarrelOfNapkins

Round ID: 9309

Griefer Byond account: ?

Griefer Byond name:
Todd Asimov
Funny Valentine
Neri Ventado
Abraham Simmons
Kamilla something
The faithless
What happened:
Todd Asimov builts a tesla reactive armor and a phazon, breaks into armory to steal firing pins and armor. I manage to track him down, and as I am arresting him, I get attacked by abraham and Kamilla, and todd turns on his armor which sends teslas everywhere. I manage to arrest abraham and hide in sec checkpoint, but then todd and kamilla try to break in to kill me. The faithless attacks me, putting me into soft crit, as todd and abraham run off. Todd then comes back with a ripley that has a laser cannon, and tries killing me as the warden drags me away.
I get healed up, arrest abraham and todd (again), and as my flash burns out while a random person keeps on helping up todd, I have to resort to my stun baton. Todd again calls out for help, and then turns on his reactive teleport armor, which causes more teslas. The faithless attacks me again.
I get healed up (again), arrest abraham, dragging him into maint since its radstorm, where neri keeps on bodybagging me. I have no flash or stun baton since someone took them follow ing my last encounter, so I try to snare him but miss, so neri snares me instead and then throws a bluespace crystal at me which almost sends me into space. Abraham gets away, and Valentines comes into maintenance, manages to push me down and aggro grab me to handcuff me. Luckily another sec comes along to deal with Neri and then chases after Valentine, but thats the last I see him.

None of these people were antags, this is stuff I would expect on a rev round. I ahelped about it, didn’t receive any reply about it, and the admin at the time didn’t mention Todd (the main person that I thought was an actual antag; since he had a phazon with guns, reactive-teleport-armor that had a tesla core in it and was using it to resist arrest, riot armor, was concealing his identity, and tried killing me.

Taken care of.