Self Antaging + out of game + in game racism + Moderator complaint

Byond Account:
Character Name(s): Blueberry
Discord Name: Blueberry
Round ID: 22673
Griefer IC name: Olivia, PVT. Snowflake
Griefer Byond account (if known): (Forum name) Based_man.

What happened:
We were summed by admin Zzzmike as an ERT with the task to Educate the crew on racial issues around Ethereals and act as security.
PVT snowflake started using in game racial slurts for ethereals we tried to detain him for a quick sensitivity training.
HOS Olivia (Player behind them known to have gotten in trouble for out of game racism before and a pretty shitty record) Tried to attack the team, they got stunned and we took them in for a quick sensitivity training after she had called for security in radio to “Kill us”
After a quick talk we showed good faith and released them.
Admin Zzzmike messages us about being prevocational when security use in game slurs and call for our murder.
Trying to do the rest of my assignment i get attacked by privet snowflake once more unprovoked i manage to win the fight then get shafted by the rest of the security team. HOS oliva calls for my execution.
Zzzmike doesn’t take the action on my report and use it to OCC problem with the players sighting rule 5 wile dismissing it and being regretful of sending ert calling it his fault.
This is clear case of self antaging equivalent to hos killing a captain cause haha my character racist against said race. Nor decides to take it in game by sending a second CC team after a clear act of insurrection.

On a previous round 22672: Detective ( Name unknown at the time of writing)
Asked why waldo is black.
i asked if there is a problem with that?
they responded they are racist against none humans (My character was just a black skinned human)
and punched me.
Clear act of OCC racism.
I report this To Zzzmike first sights rule 5 about acceptable racism after i described the story. I tell him it does not apply here cause i was playing a black skinned human and it was a comment made by an other human player.
Zzzmike says they will talk to them (Not sure if they gave punishment in that case but generally they seemed to have a surprising amount of leniency

In summary:
I frankly feel this was mishandled by Zzzmike.
-Olivias player known in forums as Based_man self antagged as HOS probably is racist occ and uses in game racism as a proxy especially based on their record.
-PVT Snowflake Self antagged or aided olivias antaging on that round.
-Some Detective i don’t have then name off in round 22672 at around 01:00 ( first in game hour) showed Occ racism.
-Moderator Zzzmike either does feel confident in enforcing the rules or dynamically playing events (Like the ert team getting murdered by security for hah IC racism)

this isnt the place for staff reports so im closing this. file a proper staff report

5). Discrimination** towards in-game sub-species and silicons is acceptable in moderation, but attacking them or otherwise preventing them from playing the round is not. Additionally, terms that are based on real-life slurs are not allowed.

This is the rule in case anyone is wondering about it. We do not tolerate any kind of reference to in-real-life racism. Also, the ERT and the sec team were clearly not supposed to be working against each other as per the ERT objectives, but it happened. You were part of the problem, stripping the HoS’ ID and headset for example. There is no hard and fast rule that ERT outranks the crew of the station, especially seeing as ERT is just a collection of dead/observing players that hit yes on a prompt with no playtime requirements on it. Was also a bus round. The round was devolving into a ‘most of the crew hates the ERT’ type situation because you guys couldn’t get along. Anyways, as Tetracor said, it’ll be handled in the staff report since you feel there was misconduct on my part.

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