Sentient_Toilet's Mentor Application

Byond Account: Funny_Toilet_
Character Name: Charlie Wix
Discord Name: Sentient_Toilet
Age: 18
Timezone: EST
Active hours: 8-12 PM, Varies.

Interest in becoming a mod:
Kind of, I’d be interested, but we’ll see when we get there.

How long have you played on Fulpstation:
As of writing, 2,192.3h living and 440.2h as a ghost

What departments can I mentor for:
ALL OF THEM, I have so many hours in each department and each job I understand them thoroughly enough to help others understand too!

Things I’ve noticed as a player on Fulp:
I feel as if things are too valid-hunty, that antagonists are well, frankly antagonized, and get hunted far too much for far too little reason.


+++++++++ Fulp classic ++++++ on all the time, always knows what they’re doing, kind IG, good on discord.

+1 Active and non-toxic

+1 toilet supermatter

wack engineering projects enjoyer +1

Singulo enjoyer

This is a very funny toliet moment +1 this guy gets it

Always pleasant and helpful

+1 probably one of the best engineers I know

charles toilet +1

I feel like there needs to be some changes before i can give this a +1 when you first joined the server you were being very helpful then when you asked for an exception to be mentor while 17 and was declined (just cause we don’t do that for anyone) things got more chaotic you’ve been getting at least one note a month for bigger kinds of grief like singulos being set loose which is grief at best and server lagging at worst. I still think you’d make a great mentor you know alot about the game and you’re super friendly with the new players when they’re lost/confused but i’d want to see you can go without getting a note from staff for a while cause when you’re mentor you don’t get notes you get demoted. I want to know once you’re a mentor you won’t lose it for doing something naughty.

I understand, and can assure a no note policy from me. The notes were when I was going through a rough spot and was making some genuinely bad decisions and I’ll stop making stupid engineering projects that endangers the crew, plus I’ve gotten all the data out of it I’ve needed. Can’t wait to start mentoring!

Like slig mentioned not so long ago you had quite the bad phase going on where I had to talk to you multiple times in game about breaking our server rules.
However, I also noticed that you turned your behavior for the better the past few months.

I’m putting in faith that another bad behavior spike isn’t gonna happen.

Hesitant +1

pluh one

you got some funny things to do on boring shifts +1

Alright im gonna close this for now and you can apply again in the future!