Sergei Barinov griefing bar and not properly doing his work

  • Byond Account: McOnchePonche
  • Character Name(s): Terrence Trevia
  • Discord Name: Tristrian#5000
  • Round ID: 9169 I think, and another one which I don’t remember.
  • Griefer Byond account: —
  • Griefer Byond name: Sergei Barinov
  • What happened:
    In round 9169, Sergei came to the bar an brought meth pills. I was going to cargo , I didn’t see everything, but when I came back, the pills were gone. I saw him breaking windows, furnitures and attacking bartenders.
    We sent him one time to crit, and brought to mebay, and the second time, I brought him to sec, but died to his wounds. I ahelped after, but I had no answers.
    When I we had to evacuate, I had a fight with Gerhard (I’ll write another post for him), and he also fought against me, and finishing me off.

Altough, this isn’t an isolated case. Yesterday, from the time I write this post, he did the same thing. Bringing meth pills, even a meth grenade. When I told him to not bringing meth pills, he started to fight us, and break the furniture. We sent him three times to medbay, but still came back to fight us.

I hope my post is (gramaticaly) clear enough. If there needs further explaination, I can answer.

Thank you for your attention.

Taken care of.