Sergei Barinov griefing the bar again

Byond Account: McOnchePonche

Character Name(s): Terrence Trevia

Discord Name: Tristrian#5000

Round ID: 9377

Griefer Byond account: —

Griefer Byond name: Sergei Barinov

What happened:

Doing my bartending shift as usual. I was off to cargo to get a bounty. When I came back to the bar, I saw Sergei Barinov killing a pet corgi that someone gave to the bar.
The corgi was behind the counter. So Sergei had to jump over the table to get him. He was a cargo technician so he had NO reason to get over. I don’t know if there was a corgi bounty, but still, the pet was named, and dressed.
I tried to make him go into crit, but he managed to escape.

I ahelped there, but there was no admin logged in for now.

I try to deal with it and carry on. I went to cargo again, to order some pizza. But when I came back, the corgi was gibbed and I saw Sergei Barinov nearby. I went lethal on him with other testimonies for killing the corgi. I epipen him to prevent the organ decay, and he is brought to medbay. I make a report to security to handle him next time.

We he came back, he starts to bash a toolbox on the bar’s windows, breaking it. A sec officer arrest him. But somehow, he was later discharged. He managed to destroy the grille, and then there was a fight. Detective arrived, and asked what happened. I told him what Sergei did. He answered I may keep beating him then.
The fight kept going on and the other bartender managed to shot him to the head with a slug round, stamina crit him while I could finish him.

Now, this part may be controversial for me, I admit it wasn’t the best thing to do even if in character. I didn’t bring him to medbay. A chaplain came, and asked if he could take the corpse. I agreed, and even followed him to participate at this ritual. A sec officer sees that, and arrest me. I didn’t resist for that.

I have a lot of issues with Sergei Barinov, at one point I feel there is a metagrudge. For my case, I am less tolerant if I see him griefing my worksplace. This is not the first time he has that kind of behaviour : Sergei Barinov griefing bar and not properly doing his work

I am willing to get some tips to prevent further escalation like those too.

Thank you for your attention.

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Taken care of. You approached this perfectly fine. If someone continually tries to break into the bar, you are 100% valid in critting them and making sure they get to medical. It isn’t always possible to prevent escalation, but if you escalate correctly, there is no real issue there.