Sevek antag ban appeal

Byond Account:Sevek
Character Name(s):Junal-Skee
Discord Name:sSevek#0249
Round ID of Ban: 21184

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):
State your appeal: I approuched him because:
1- he was a botanist like me, 2- he already converted me that round, (before conversion i reported Security about him, and got ignored.) then captain came and mindshielded me because of the revolution. At this point it was me versus vamp coworker, he would definately came for me again, so i approuched him first, it was in maints near my depart, i told him that i was mindshielded and i’am not gonna give up without a fight and told him to “force me”, i started a fight but he overpowered me with his ability <which looks like i was standing stilll but i couldn’t even move or resist nor act.

If a non security crew is validhunting a conversion antag in maints by yourself, it will be seen as you trying to get converted.