Sheets Alternate account #64563

Byond Account: SilverBoi
Character Name(s): Silvina
Discord Name: Silvina
Round ID: 29805
Date: 12/12/23
Griefer IC name: Gage Sheets
Griefer Byond account (if known): Bobbydonuts3

What happened: This man has been griefing for the past week, he constantly attacks people and greytides into areas. Also powergames and generally has shitter behaviour.


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Can confirm, don’t have any evidence but they constantly self-antag, don’t know the round ID but they tided into engineering, trashed the place, then killed hos, stole their gun and led sec on a wild goose chase, was not antag

I was gonna post my evidence here but Silvina hit the nail on the head. He purposefully self antags every round and makes low-pop security work that much more difficult. After restraining him multiple times and trying to have a thought provoking talk about his general attitude and playstyle his only response was “IC” “Get a life your a HoS main on Fulp” implying he doesn’t even like the station but probably plays here because he’s been banned elsewhere.

Actually nevermind. Issues with said individual are still happening. Round 29815 his alias was William Sholl and he spent most of the time griefing me and being put in perma. Then said individual came into round 29816 as a clown named Metagrudge Me and continued his usual antics. Metagrudge Me clown interaction

This has been looked looked into. Thanks for the additional images provided. They were very useful!