Sheets contrib app - Spriter/code baby

Byond Account: Sheets
Character Name(s): Jed Joshek
Discord Name: Sheets#6667
Age: 17
Making this app because I want to do more work on bloodsuckers with john and want to be in touch with the rest of the contrib team, actually he sent me a list of things I can help with so it would be nice to speak with the person who originally designed the concept.

Show us your work what is a PR/Piece of art/ Code you’ve done!

also made this monstrosity as well as helped john format the dmi files and recolour deputy ties
I also have a tiny bit of experience mapping from an old pubby project I dropped halfway through but I managed to get it to run inside the software and do half the smartpipes so w



accept now

Yeah but he’s an aussie :/

Great sprites and you’re already a mentor. Sounds good to me +1

Omg you fixed the hydrogen fireaxe sprite u r like my idol +100

+1 Extraordinary helpful. Jed goes out of his way to go above and beyond. If you ask him for one sprite, he’ll give you twice as many!

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Accepted! Welcome to the contributor team