Shinkusen's ban appeal

Byond Account: shinkusen
Character Name(s): Kazvan Lorn
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): ShinkuSen#6682
Round ID of Ban: 15654

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): Screenshot - ef359cae04c2eccefff1c42eda7c3314 - Gyazo
State your appeal: greetings! it’s been 1 year since I last played, and as can be seen in the screenshot, I left because of a ban issued by Tom after he, from my point of view, was abusive. As mentionned, I did leave the medbay to go to genetics, because a geneticist was new and wanted help. I told Tom about this, but he went on telling me I was stupid in many ways. Anyways, I told him to mind his business and that I’d be going back to medbay to lead my men and help patients, as I do 99% of the time as CEO. He went on calling me dumb and that I should be gone, I ignored him so he caged me and kept on pressing. I told him to “fuck off” which he went mad about, and here we are now.
Anyways, It’s been a whole year, I miss playing fulpstation with the boys to chill, so I hope you can understand that I’ve learned the lesson, and that I’ll be more understanding next time.
Love to fulp <3

considering Tom isn’t an admin here anymore, I hope this can be resolved rather easily.
And by the way, I’m okay for a discord interview to help my case.

I’ll come back from the dead just to deny your appeal. You’re right though, this is resolved very easily. Just read your ban message again and see: “your ban will never be appealed”. Next time you want to file an appeal, just read the ban message again and there’s your answer… :+1: