Ship Builder Job

Adding the profession of shipbuilder could be a nice job. How about constructing an escape shuttle for the end of the game or a space war machine designed for embarking on adventures? Perhaps even a space shio capable of launching attacks on other npc bases! It would add a unique flavor to several specially designed missions! Perhaps even a nice way to revive deceased players with a different identity is through a rescue mission!

could be cool but,it feels like it doesnt really help the station that much,apart from taking resources

Agree but if they found loot this problem will be solved.

Building DIY escape shuttle is engi’s job, and the space adventures thing is more of an explorer drone forte

But who dont want special ship!

I could imagine something like this being a ghost role though to be honest.
Either detached completely from the station in some way, or every way, or as an additional shuttle crew could purchase later in the round.