Shit engineer insults the CE, then digs his grave in dead chat

Byond Account: Amelon360
Charcter Name: Neon Musk
Discord Name: Amelon360
Round ID: 10374
Griegefer byond account: N/A
Grudfer Byond name: Oswald Smith

What happened:
Now this is my first grief patrol, I haven’t had a need to make one since now. Get ready to meet one shit asshole engineer.

So I’m the CE, I get dressed, and head to check on the SM. I see the cooling loop is not setup correctly at all. So I replace all the gas pumps with vacuum pumps, then I head to setup the air controls. Then I see the SM is getting hit by x-rays, why? I have to hurry up now because the SM is stating to leek out plasma, and o2, I manage to set up the air controls in time so the SM doesn’t start to delaminate.

Then I see him, the engineer that nearly destroyed the stations main source of power, in a nuke ops round. I walk up to him, and here’s the dialogue that happens between us.
Capture 3
Capture 4
Capture 6
Capture 7
Capture 8
Capture 9
Capture 10
Capture 11

Then he just ran away. We didn’t see each other the rest of the round, till dead chat. Where he keeps poping off, not just to me.

Capture 0 Capture 1# Capture 2 Capture 3 Capture 4 Capture 5 Capture 6 Capture 7 Capture 8 Capture 9 Capture 10
Capture 14
He said all this with in 1 maybe 2 second after dying.

I didn’t get RD this round, CE is next on the priority list.
Capture 12
Capture 13 I don’t know maybe the fact after dying with out checking if I was dead or not, you started to cuss me out in front of the whole dead chat. For what me telling you’re demoted without demoting you?
Capture 14
Capture 15 The emitters fired at least 5 times.
Capture 16 True.
Capture 18 The only nice thing he sayed all round.
Capture 27
True up till now, it won’t be for long.
Capture 20 Random lizard comes to my aid
Capture 21
Capture 22
Capture 24
Capture 25 This man is a genius. Some one give him a PHD.
Capture 26
Capture 27 Thats just a lie.
Capture 28 Sadly he doesn’t.
Capture 29 Yes.
Capture 30 Saying your demoted without demoting you, makes you upset?
Capture 31
Capture 32
Capture 33 Insults the server, and by proxy the head admins.
Capture 34
Capture 35 Who are theys old faggots, and where are the new faggots?
Capture 36
Capture 37 I’m not going to comment just highlight.
Capture 38 Me speaking after 5 minutes of just observing.
Capture 39
Capture 40
Capture 41
Capture 42
Capture 43

Capture 45

Do I have say any thing else? He not only piss me off, but the whole of dead chat.

It was dealt with in-round, thanks for the report!