Shit sec spared by admin but not me

  • Byond Account:ISS 13 ASTRONAUT
  • Character Name(s):Mathon nova
  • Discord Name (ie: Name#1234):cosmic jester #5734
  • Round ID of Ban:#19625
  • Ban Message:banned for self antaging trying to break free a ling let sec deal with it
  • State your appeal:ok first of all the ling was friendly, second of all he did a funeral and spaced souless bodies with chap, also he got arrested for that i think third of all it was a joke to make sec pissed and not actually serious i wanted to make sec salty since i was bored

i wont do this appeal since i did the ban but the guy had 30 seconds left on his timer before you started trying to bash the cell open

it was a joke to anger sec

i was not even trying to break him out just trying to make sec angry

not only that if i was breaking him out wouldn’t i break it till the glass shattered

So… you were trying to piss sec off by making it harder to do their job. Doing antag things (like freeing an antag regardless of whether or not you thought it was a “friendly ling”) is self-antag.

Appeal denied.