Shitter Cargo Tech

Byond Account: Noobsky_Boi
Character Name(s): Clown/Seymour Lucy
Discord Name: N/A (Not on the discord)
Round ID: 31449 and 31550
Griefer IC name: Charlie Hanzer
Griefer Byond account (if known):

What happened: Repeatedly powergaming miner gear as a cargo tech, first round killed CMO (Or maybe a successful paradox clone) for no apparent reason, then tried to kill me (the mime named Clown) for flipping him off. He got caught with CMO’s ID and syndicate gear as a non-antagonist that round, and repeatedly attempted to murder several crew throughout the round. The second round he refused to deliver any crates, refused to take the mail outside cargo, and cancled any crates or orders (Including private ones) without explanation. When I complained to the QM, he spawned lava under me using a staff of lava a miner left lying around and repeatedly threatened to kill me and the HoP when questioned.

To address the points brought up against me:

First Round:

  • I did not kill the CMO to get his ID, I found his ID lying around in crematorium. The syndie gear was when later the malf AI had to be dealt with and I was randomly teleported into the room and drafted for the job, thus had access to this gear lying around.

  • There was a paradox clone of the CMO that round, the crew were beating who they thought to be the paradox clone and considering my life was in danger from stray shots, I joined in to prevent another antag from trying to kill people.

  • I did not try to kill him for flipping me off, I hit him one time then ran away. He actually later crit me and robbed me.

  • I only attempted to kill him after he had crit and robbed me that first round. Other crew were spared besides one person who I tabled to get out of the way of protecting him.

Second Round:

  • I did not refuse to deliver “any” crates, I only refused to deliver to him since he asked me to join the Tider’s Club and I figured I shouldn’t deal with him.

  • I left the mail in cargo to be picked up (I did not announce this over radio, but I would hope poor communication over mail isn’t a reportable offense.)

  • I received this lava staff after a miner literally walked up to me and gave it to me without me asking (You will see I asked later in the round, this was when it was taken from me and given to him, meaning I had already had it before).

  • I did not threaten to kill the HoP, I only threatened Seymour because he would not leave the department alone. While lava may seem extreme, I never kept attacking him after the first hit, I only burned his clothes off and left him quite damaged. I understand this is drastic, but I never tried to kill him with it, which is what he claims happened.

Overall, the only thing I believe I did that could be seen as an inappropriate response would be the lava burning, however this was handled IC as I was arrested and barred from using the lava staff. I never intended to kill him the second round, and the first round I believed he was a legitimate threat to my life as he had beat me to crit and robbed me.

First off:
You kept beating him well into crit while others were merely trying to apprehend.
You explicitly said “I am going to kill you.” To the mime. And lied to other staff when questioned about the gear. And fired a shotgun at him. And repeatedly tried to grab and toss him out the shuttle airlock.

Second off:

You did explicitly threaten the HoP. And it wasn’t to protect cargo either. I think it best that a admin reviews the logs, since a good 50% of your post here is blatantly false. Most of the goods were private ordered, and considering you did not deliver a single crate (or envelope) that entire shift, which the QM complained about, you refused to comply with any searches by security, captain, or anyone else involved, and your refusal to even simply apologize or use IC speak when talking about it rather than spamming slang terms suggests you don’t really care.

I think you and I have very different stories of what exactly happened. I am not trying to lie, I’m just giving my point of view so whatever admin reviews your post can know where I’m coming from. I do care insofar as trying to play the game out and have a fun, interesting time, and I don’t think Charlie and Seymour having conflict or Charlie refusing a search is me not caring about the game. Obviously we just wait till the admin reviews the logs, but I just want to make clear that I’m not trying to be uncaring and it’s weird to imply I am just because I didn’t talk “proper” or not do my job completely optimally.