Shotgun Lethal a prisoner

  • Byond Account: WaRgAmEs30
  • Character Name(s): Adolph Mills
  • Discord Name: BRhunter45
  • Round ID: 9250
  • Griefer Byond account: ?
  • Griefer Byond name: Joey Steele
  • What happened: Stun batoned me as HOS and buckshotted me until crit while i was a prisoner.

My bad about the shotgun part, no need to really shoot you with beanbags since you were already on the floor, but i did take you to medbay.

Im searching lockers in arrivals for a traitor thats been on the run after killing someone, i happen to open the locker you were in, you shove me and try to run so i hit you with my stun baton but you used a stimulant pen, my baton was out of charge and i didnt have anything else to stun you besides the shotgun. after i realised i put you in crit, and you were just an escaped prisoner i brought you to medbay

oof, sad, also didnt got time to use the maint pump-up tho hahahaha

Taken care of.