Showing old mod notices does not justify banning me for something that is not in the rules

Byond Account: Akutoreiza
Character Name(s): Asteroid

I would like to mention, that saying “I’m gonna go be cringey in a video game” is not against the rules. I said some bad words over the course of YEARS. All I simply meant was that I was gonna go make some robots and have fun like everyone else. I figured since I was put in some “box of shame” over a a converstation I didn’t even start, that I could just talk to the dudes in there without the worry that I was upsetting someone. I’m becoming a better player. SS13 is a rare game.

Ok, you can keep telling yourself that. Becoming a better player means following the rules of the server you’re on, and you clearly haven’t made much progress on that front in the 2 years since your Yog ban.

You’re not welcome here.