Shuttle grief is pretty blatant

Byond Account: Tetracor
Character Name(s): Diego Thomas
Discord Name: Tetracor
Round ID:13028
Griefer Byond account:idk 
Griefer Byond name: jimmy rustles and benventuto giunta
What happened: they were attacking and converting people on the escape shuttle after it had departed. 

i was mindshielded too so it just turned me into a rock. they did it for no reason cause when i asked why they said “lol” the brain deadness of some crew members just makes my blood boil Capture
Capture 2
clearly they think shuttle griefing is funny. if not a talking to then i request i am able to bone saw them in the head the next time i see them.

There cultists, they are allowed to convert non-mindshielded and kill anyone with a mindshield, thats just how the gamemode works, we don’t dissallow netspeak either and you would’ve been totally fine to defend yourself, this is an IC issue unless you have any other reasons why you would think otherwise

idk i just thought it was weird that it was on the evac shuttle after it departed and they were just doing it for no reason at that point. they already lost. they were just being dicks at that point.