Silicon role ban appeal grungussuss

Byond Account:Grungussuss
Character Name(s):Aspera Stargazer, (in this case my AI name is S3RV0
Discord Name: grungusbungus (ID: grungussuss)
Round ID of Ban:28567
Ban message: Banned from roles: silicon, AI, cyborg permanently - round 28515 - silicon 2: As AI with siliconimov ion law, murdered captain and spaced brig, and shocked arrivals etc, because sec killed a borg. Based on your consitent history of poor silicon play, this will be a permanent silicon ban. Appeal this on our forum when you have a grasp of our silicon rules.
State your appeal: Some background information first I’ve had a total of 4 notes as AI, one for ordering my borg to attack a syndicate borg that was attacking crew while I was on robodoc laws, one note for activating a doomsday device as malf AI when my objective was to make sure person survives, make sure that the same person doesn’t escape and to prevent my own deactivation by all means necessary. My third note is for force borging people as malf AI when my objective was to prevent my deactivation and attempting to plasma flood before being contacted by an admin who explained to me how malf AI with these objectives is supposed to be played, after which I stopped. The 2nd and 3rd note were received long after the fact and the third note put me in a 7 day roleban for AI. My 4th note, which after i recieved siliconimov laws and killed security and attempted to kill captain after the captain and security killed my cyborg (they did this after i stated my laws) I did this because on siliconimov one of the laws is: do not allow silicons to come to harm. In the process of attempting to kill the captain, I bolted him in rooms and siphoned air from it, shocked arrivals airlocks (i didn’t know he had insulated gloves) During this process I did not attempt to directly harm other humans (although it doesn’t say in my lawset to not harm other humans) after this I recieved a perma roleban for AI saying to appeal when I understand AI laws better.I apologize for misunderstanding AI laws and ruining the experience for others. After a lot of playtime as human, I have taken note of how AIs interpret their laws, I have also played antag roles a lot and now understand to what extent you can kill, sabotage to reach your objectives without ruining the experince for others. I have played captain and CE roles a lot and have a good understanding of MRP and how to rp as AI. I request a chance to play AI and cyborg again as they are very fun roles.

You’ve gotten 3 unrelated notes since this ban was placed last month, and at least 1 of which as over poor conduct as captain. I don’t think you’ve shown that you’re ready to have this role unlocked yet. This is denied.