Silver slime spawner claims to be an antag and murderbones

BYOND name: Sheets
Character name: grey baby slime (822)
Discord name: Sheets#6667
Round ID: 10512
Character name: The silver adult slime (205)
BYOND name: Unknown

What Happened: Im writing this here before I forget as the round is still going but there arent any admins online.
I spawned off as a slime spawner from a sentience potion, the guy who made me was pretty relaxed and gave me a monkey, no orders/objs. I leave xenobio and see the silver slime attacking the RD unprovoked and trying to absorb him, critting him, I tell him to stop and he ventcrawls a room over to absorb a crit person in toxins. I ask him what hes doing and he says “im antag, its my job to reproduce” this is probably just a new player who doesnt know the rules around xenobio spawners OR I am mistaken and he was some other kind of slime spawner. Just wanted to let you guys know.

Hey there! This issue has now been dealt with, thank you for reporting it and have a nice day!