Silvina's mentor app

Byond Account: SilverBoi
Character Name(s): Silvina, Raquel, Michael, Gabriel, Raises-The-Dead
Discord Name: Silvina The Bootleg Necromancer
Age: 17
Timezone: SAST/GMT +2
Active hours: 5 am/3 pm to 12 am
Are you interested in becoming a mod?: Yes

How long have you played on Fulpstation?:
I’ve played for 957 hours according to FulpstationManager

What departments are you able to be a mentor for? Can you elaborate on your experience in those departments?

Engineering: I know basic construction and I have some knowledge of how gasses work.

Science: I know how to get genes in genetics, I can build a mech without instructions in robotics, I know a fair bit of xenobiology if it’s still the same as before the cytology update, I know nothing about toxins.

Service: I know everything about bartending and most of the recipes by heart, I know some cooking recipes but I rarely play cook, I know how to bless water and bless tiles as a Chaplain as well as purifying soulstones and bonking people over the head with book, I know botany quite a bit, how to mutate plants, increase stats and all other botany things, except cross pollination. I know how to scrub floors as a janitor, that’s about it really. I never play Clown or Mime, Curator is a grey area since they’re mostly used as translators but it only ever happens for xenos that and being called a powergamer for exploring sucks but yes I know how to use the language menu.

Civilian/Cargo: I know how to order items and complete bounties as QM and cargo tech as well as shipping valuable items like gas mixes from engineering, I know how to mine and fight mobs in lavaland but never going as far as fighting anything higher up as an ash drake, I never play assistant, lawyer or psychologist. I know how to make a brewery in prison and legally escape.

Medical: I know how to re-attach limbs, tend wounds, filter out chems from blood and most of the advanced surgeries, I know some about chemistry but it’s mostly just “safe” drug making, I have some knowledge in viro thanks to Tuyi but I’m still in the beginner stage of viro, I have some knowledge on stabilizing crit patients as a paramedic while I’m wheeling them to medbay.

Security: I know space law not all of it but common sense usually helps here, I know how to set timers, defuse bombs while drunk, baton on disarm intent and record crimes. I know that detective ISN’T a security officer, just an investigator that helps security solve a crime or aid in arrests not arrestin criminals by himself, I have some knowledge on combat.

Comand: I know how to change access as HoP, direct my engineers as CE, keep my officers in line as HoS, help my fellow MDs as CMO, research and manage the AI as RD, never played AI and securing the disk and announcing the station objective as Captain.

What are some things you’ve noticed as a player on Fulp?:
I’ve noticed that some people usually just walk around aimlessly and never ask for help, especially those working in service and medical.


I trade +1 for sprite

Shot me in the back whilst I was teaching them viro. 10/10 would get shot again +1

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+1 piano time

Why are you so SUS?? +1

+1, called me trigger happy in deadchat for trying to defend myself from an ascended heretic with a shotgun

+1 for trauma with emotes

sus +1

Your app has been accepted! Welcome to the mentor team!