Sir James Armstrong The Great - kidnapping

Byond Account: Ugandalorian
Character Name(s): Crystal Margaret
Discord Name: Crystal
Round ID: 13031
Griefer Byond account: unknown
Griefer Byond name: Sir James Armstrong The Great
What happened: I was talking to a clown about who made the electrified grills in the hallway and then started to heal myself. James came only to strangle me. He didn’t say a word. I was trying to break free but failed to do it. He put cable restraints on me and kidnapped me. I managed to call for help on the radio. They later stripped me of it. Another psychologist and a chaplain helped me to get out of there. It was shift start, my sanity was good despite my trait.

i also saw him in that same round getting into fights with other people. he stole a curators whip and put them into crit with it. (i will admit they were both fighting with eachother) but dude took it too far. im so sorry you had to experience this.

If he was the Psychologist he tried to kidnap me too, i was the clown btw

Yes, he was one of the psychologists

is it common for psychologist to ssd kidnap people and put them in cuffs and muzzle or is this the same guy that did it to me some time ago

I wasn’t ssd neither was clown. I think it could be the same guy, it is not common.

Dealt with thanks for the report