Skeeple Beeple Grief Patrol

Byond Account:Dieling
Character Name(s):Skeeple Beeple
Discord Name:Dieling#0802
Round ID:14353
Griefer Byond account:?
Griefer Byond name:?
What happened: Round started literally 2 seconds ago and i make my way into storage room since i was a doctor to grab medical belt and tools for surgery. As soon as i get in, the chemist Jesse Pinkman comes up and sprays me and the other doctor with a substance to get me high and possibly OD me. I asked for help before chasing after him. He kept on spraying me as i tried to take him down and bring him to CMO to demote him or at least tell them of the situation. Once everything had died down. I had returned to medbay with him where we were treating him for the damages i had caused to him in the pursuit. A deputy arrived and he had told the deputy that i had attacked him first for 0 reason and had sprayed me in self defense which isnt true clearly. This got me a warrant for arrest which i went to sec later on to remove it showing my side. CMO then threatened to demote me which never happened but we never fought again after this. He wasnt an antag near the end of the round and was just fucking with me to fuck with me. He sat in chem lab making stuff all round.


Taken care of!