SKOOPIDY antag ban appeal

  • Byond Account:SKOOPIDY
  • Character Name(s):Boss moth
  • Discord Name:Cyborg Genius
  • Round ID of Ban:
  • Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):Banned from the server for 1 week - core rule 2 (grief) antag policy 1.1 - as a traitor you killed multiple people on the shuttle on shuttle that were not apart of your objectives when admin PM’d about this you instantly disconnected leading me to think this is another case of you shuttle griefing for no particular reason read our rules as you recently got off a ban for this.
  • State your appeal: while me disconnecting is true and I severely apologize and regret doing as I was simply aggravated and immediately assumed I was in the wrong and disconnected feeling no hope for me winning the argument with the admin (manray0) but the main problem of this is i did not kill multiple people I killed one person as they yelled on comms I was a traitor in front of me and in worry of getting killed on shuttle before they could say more I killed them to stay silent and hide in a locker in shuttle I grievously apologize for my behavior and can guarantee this mishap won’t happen again. Also I got banned for 2 weeks not one but that doesn’t have much context
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This appeal is so old it was from November there’s no appealing something you’ve already served since time travel is yet to exist

we only remove things if we did something wrong in delivering punishments. that doesnt seem to be the case here. closing this