Sliggist admin complaint

A warden put me in a cell with brig recently bombed and spaced, then beat me into crit in the cell and I succumbed, then let a random assistant come into brig start beating my dead body then drag it out, obviously not intending to take me to medical nor even saying he would. He then went to engineering to ash my body at the SM but was stopped by the CE and cuffed for it, who then gave him to sec. Sliggist claimed I lied in ahelps about being executed without permission because I succumbed, completely ignoring the fact they beat me into crit while cuffed, and let me be taken to be ashed. Then of course in shitmin fashion gives me a note and gibs my body for it. I literally know for a fact that cremating/ashing dead prisoners is considered execution, and the “lie” was saying the warden was falsely executing me, which was true as they were an accessory to an attempted ashing/cremation.
I assume there is no admin complaints area or threads because with insanely bad admining like this, you also just get your threat deleted or banned for daring to talk back.