SolitaireStation: New Map Feedback thread

  • Engineering south entrance can be opened with normal maints access
  • Enginering delivery windoor can be opened with normal maints access
  • Perma solar array does not sync with the computer

botany windoor has no access requirement i forgot to screenshot it but im pretty sure there’s only one front desk if not its the southern desks windoor

The SM APC is affected by the critical power failure event. On rest of the stations SM APCs seem to be isolated from this.

maints opposite genetics.

Power not wired in to circuits lab just outside of it.

There is nothing piped/wired under the opened floor just outside scie entrance. (in the image its fixed)

Red pipe aint corrected in the science hallway

I’ve seen you PR’d it so i’ll take it out the PR i was going to add to Johns PR

I will do a sweep up the forum again when I do cargo PR incase any are missing or back, but everything above this point should be addressed.


I ran up the thread up to like, November and checked every comment.

“hey sec” “sec?” “wow its like im talking to a damn wall”

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I like it this way

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No AI pad on the bridge

The virology door setup doesnt work (atleast the buttons didnt work according to viro and if I see it correctly theres no button to enter from outside)



fixed, also added some more holopads to brig/bridge in general, since it was lacking

engi dep locker in med dep office?

Chaplains cant access morgue

the wrong apc is controlling telecomms - it’s the one outside the room instead of inside

wrong locker

hop office APC is disconnected from the grid

I don’t know if this topic is still active, but I have noticed that the perma kitchen has two fridges filled with milk and eggs. Usually there’s one fridge filled with rice, flour and sugar and one with milk and eggs but it seems that a mistake was made, which means that the perma gets no flour or sugar unless it grows them.