Somah69 Ban appeal 2

Byond Account: Somah69
Character Name(s): Paris Konets
Discord Name Lost discord account so none
Round ID of Ban: None

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): Havent checked server as it just flags to a alt im pretty sure. Here was last appeal Somah69 Ban Appeal
State your appeal: I have around 50 hours on fallout13 and same amount as before on void. I’ve taken a little longer break hence why the hours haven’t increased. Fallout13 the wasteland(Pretty sure thats what I played) Is a HRP server where I was put on probation because of my reputation of ban evading. I think I have only one note on there a very minor one. You said it would take a little longer im not sure how long you meant but its been around 5 a little longer than 5 months than me being garbage on TG. Im hoping to get back into ss13 starting with fulp maybe put me on probation?

Ok nevermind it wasn’t the wasteland I guess like all f13 servers it died. It was called Fortuna 13

I am, against my better judgment, accepting this appeal. I did, however, put a watchlist on your account and instructed the moderators to put you back on a permaban if you do anything that breaks server rules, so please make sure you are familiar with them before joining as not knowing them will not be considered a valid excuse.