Some brain vomit

hey so,
Let first start this with a disclaimer, I am not trying to argue nor complain nor bitch, just offering my thoughts.

recently, I got bwoinked as a scientist t for making spiders and not having dagd or hack the shuttle,
it was justified, as they made chaos. but here’s the thing, I made them at the end of the round, when the shuttle was already called, thinking I would used them to break into shit and steal stuff, I quickly realized I can’t speak spider, and had no way of controlling them. summed up: I’m a dumbass and I fucked up. but here’s the thing. I like crazy plans, I like doing silly things, and no I don’t wanna grief or ruin rounds, and I’m sorry I make mistakes, and I misthink things through. just the other day I had a crazy idea to make a sleeping virus as a vampire and use it to help make thralls. I made it non lethal, and only trans by touch. I left viro unbroken for it to be cured even, and it was in under 10 mins. But I got bwoinked for that as well. later that round I got badowked for killing after round end, and killing someone by taking blood. I just feel, like the fear of making mistakes is heavy on me every time I play, why try something that might be a challenge, or need critical thinking, even when trying to make it not game ruining comes foremost to my mind, when it might result in just getting punished.

and that’s not to say I didn’t deserve bwoink in every case, Like I said, I make mistakes, Im a bit of dummy and I should ask the admins more often if things are okay, they get the final say after all. It’s just my admin notes make me out to be awful player… I’m a lier, a griefer, I ignore warnings, I should know better…

I love this game, I love playing on this server. I love seeing other people have fun rounds. I don’t want to grief, and I don’t want to make a bad impression. but getting bwoinked for using my bible on crit people with suspicion that I’m killing them makes me feel like its too late for that.

I feel, as though… I have to apologize. I’m sorry guys :/

Should’ve been a fly

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I once saw a fly jani gun down a scientist for stealing her cart. it was at that moment that I knew I should have been a fly.

Just don’t kill people outside of your objectives, simple

incredible insight, musta not have read one of your guides.

As long as it’s not lethal, making bad viruses to help with your objectives is fine in most cases. If you got a note over this and want to have it reviewed, feel free to make a staff report as that’s the same way we do note reviews. If you’re not sure if what you want to do is in line with the rules, just ahelp first. In most cases, if it’s something unique or hasn’t been done in a while, you might be granted more leeway as far as mass destruction or killing outside of your objectives goes.