Sore Yew - Self Antagging

Byond Account: johnwillard
Character Name(s): John Willard
Discord Name: John Willard#6211
Round ID: 4590
Griefer Byond account: SoreYew
Griefer Byond name: Sore Yew
What happened:

Edit: Sore exaplained in a reponse their side of the grief patrol, so I removed all but the self-antagging part

Constantly greytided Cargo as a Clown, was kicked out several times, kept inviting themselves back in. When denied entrance, unwrenched the ORM to break in. Invited themselves to hack and move the Cargo shuttle without anyone’s authorization, to order themselves crates and such.
They didnt stop and eventually decided to call me a nazi for preventing them from inviting themselves to use our machines, which really ruined my mood and want to continue playing.

Came back and played
An hour into the shift ? antag roll?
Frustrated and left the game because i couldnt get stuff for space exploring, no hop, was frustrated.
an hour plus in
I made a gimmick and advertised it, nobody showed up, didnt really care about antag type.

Sorry i used nazis as an insult, and the effect it had on you. I also felt discouraged to play when you were ock icking to the RD and saying you hated me.

On the opposite end of my tiding as clown, im critted and taken out, which is fair enough. Afterwards im taken to sec, not out of crit and the Qm takes me BACK to cargo, welds me into a locker, leaves me around for a few minutes, then chutes me to security. Which seemed pretty punitive.

While I appreciate the screenshot discord most of the time I don’t like that its phrased that once I was toxic to someone then they started finding reasons for a grief patrol. If I’ve been an ass to you, please tell me. I think I provided enough context and complained enough.

After seeing you go SSD all these shifts one shift after 14582 not sure because of crashes I saw you playing instead of being SSD.
The shift was a revolution, coincidence? I don’t think so, 3-2 hours of being afk and then you decided to play the same time you was an antag?

Considering I wasn’t a rev, yes it was a coincidence. I no life and play like 8 hours a day, theres going to be an amount of shifts I don’t necessarily feel like finishing. The new weights make the shifts less chaotic, so some longer lulls i take a break. I don’t think putting a half hour at least into a shift constitutes this kind of accusations.

Breaking into a department to mess around as a clown is acceptable within the rules. This should have been taken care of IC by security rather than moved to an OOC method like grief patrols.

Note that greytiding to do anything malicious beyond simple pranks is not allowed as clown, either, but this is far from malicious.