SoreYew Mod App 2022 (not clickbait)

Byond username: SoreYew

Discord name: Soryuu#0002

Join date: July 2020

Hours you’ve been on the server: 3000+ God Help Me

When are you online or available to get on: Usually usa evenings

How long have you been a mentor? Since October 2020

Do you have prior experience being a moderator: A little bit, mainly irl meatspace organizing and tournament organization. Magic the Gathering mostly!

What is something you feel you do well:
I think im pretty good at talking to players so they feel as through their ahelp is being handled properly. I also ghost ahelp a lot on people already so skip the middleman.

What is something you wish to change:
Its summer and theres an influx of users so less no admin rounds would be nice. The community is the product of some good work so not really change but assisting in that cultivation.

The pipeline is real. I dug the trench and watched them lay it.


i think your the first person i started to recognize +1

clearly a man of great tastes when it comes to quotes +1
admitted he wanted to reintroduce felinids to fulp -1000


+1 One of my favorite long time regulars
+100 Plays a lot of medbay

just like bilbo said. one of the first players i actually started to recognize. i remember a long time ago, a chaplain had a gimick where he got a bunch of followers and we all put robes on and spammed prayers for a demon to show up and i think it was guil who spawned a space dragon on us and we all died. sores the only one that survived and still kept the cloak on the rest of the round in memory of us. +1

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I thought you already gave yourself antag everyround, why do you need mod??? +1

Known multikeyer SoreYewTwo -1


Cool person, lives in the ok-ish time zone. +1


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ex youi now what player yes


Accepted! Welcome (back) to the mod squad!