Sound effect for brainwash victims/ abductees

I always miss the objective when I’m brainwashed somehow, so a sound for it would be neat. If it’s possible to do it without messing with /tg/ files, maybe a sound effect for objectives being announced via the traitor panel?

Edit to add: Maybe something for borgs when they get emagged too?

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For brainwashing it is literally 1 line of code and quite simple, just need a fitting sound effect if anyone has a good idea, or want to submit a new one.

Would need to check on the Borg Emag, but it should be quite simple too.

@Mokoshotar do you have any thoughts?

ooo that should be an interesting brainstorm, I’ll come up with something and post in one of the coding channels

perhaps something like glass shattering to signify the mind breaking… we’ll see we’ll see

A glass shattering effect at the start would go perfectly with the flash effect from a hypno flash. I think that after that a sound that kinda drones on for a second or two would be pretty nice, something like “mind controlly” if y’know what I mean.