Spaetzlekings Mentor Application πŸ‘½

Byond Account: spaetzleking16
Character Name(s): Max Willis
Discord Name: Spaetzleking#9797
Age: 17
Timezone: EST
Active hours: pretty much entirely on weekends and more later in the day on weekdays
Are you interested in becoming a mod?: SIR YES SIR


I can be a mentor for virtually all the departments (not including new atmos/engi changes). I have had a lot of time with many different aspects of different jobs and whatnot, to the point of doing some jobs TOO efficiently (FUCK THE TOO MANY INPUTS GOD I HATE IT SO MUCH HOLY SHIT HOLY FUCK I HATE IT JUST LET ME DO GENETICS QUICKLY). But yeah pretty much I’ve done a lot of stuff and learned a lot of stuff and I kinda want to help others learn that stuff too.

On Gulpstationβ„’ as a player, I have seen the ways different players interact with each other and their jobs and stuff, but have frequently been seeing more and more players ask questions about new jobs that get reworked to be more difficult, making it harder for new players to learn it without any proper guide.

I am a PROUD member of the John Willar hate club!!!
(any ghoulmasters in the comments will make me :frowning:)


17 year old



oh shit just realized i put my ign instead of discord in the title

As far as my knowledge goes, 17yo mentor apps are no longer being accepted and the template is outdated. I’d still wait for an admin to confirm it, though.

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ik there was talk of increasing it to 18 but i thought it didnt go through

+1 literal genius and i’m his biggest fan

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^ this counts as a +1 and saying otherwise is LAME

+1, asked me to +1 this app

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+1 LET me make METHANETEPHAMINE like a REAL cmo WOULD do.

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Personally I never had any issues +1, although a bit young and the wrong template

this is the guy that leaked plasma across the entire station on accident, leading everyone in OOC to think the solo jnr mod replaced all the oxygen with plasma

it was funny and i like them +1

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cool dude

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pinning your mistake on others i see, junior

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OK in my defense how was i supposed to know that the pipes were full of like 100000000000000 moles of plasma when i thought they werent filled yet

i retract my plus one (and add another +1)

Your last ban wasn’t too long ago; we generally want mentors to have no recent notes or bans, and our expectations with this are even higher for minors. Feel free to reapply when we are accepting apps from 17-year-olds again if your record has improved.